Interested in having Jaye come speak at your writers’ group or conference? Below is a list of topics and workshops offered. Most may be modified to fit different time slots or audience experience levels. 


Promises and Payoffs 

Good stories don’t happen by accident. To master the art of delivering satisfying tales, writers must learn how to effectively make story promises in Act One as well as how to deliver satisfying payoffs by The End. This class will explore the types of promises you must make from the first line of your story, demonstrate a variety of tools you can use to make those promises, and offer strategies to avoid cheating your readers out of satisfying payoffs. 


Mastering the Scene

Scenes are the building blocks every every great story. In this workshop, Jaye will share her strategies for building compelling scenes that deepen characterization and ramp up tension. She’ll address the use of beats to craft scenes, the proper place to begin and end scenes, and weaving scenes together to craft an amazing story. Interactive elements can be added to this workshop to analyze scenes from students’ existing work or a group activity of breaking down scenes from bestselling books.


Internal versus External Conflict

Explores the purposes of both internal and external conflicts in storytelling, as well as the importance of weaving the two to create riveting fiction. 

World Building Workshop

Jaye believes that everything rises from world building, regardless of genre. In this workshop, she'll share her techniques for building vibrant, complex worlds and how to use them as the basis for stories readers can't put down. Can be modified for SFF or multi-genre groups. 


Plotter, Pantster … or Puzzler? 

Teaches the various approaches writers use to construct stories, and introduces Jaye’s process of Puzzling a story using an organic approach to writing combined with story boarding. Length: 60-90 minutes