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Editing and Mentorship Packages

With more than twenty years experience as a professional writer, Jaye enjoys working with writers to level up their craft and reach their career goals. She holds an MFA in writing popular fiction and she's mentored dozens of writers. She has a deep knowledge of story structure and loves helping writers bring their stories to life with rich prose, compelling world building, and complex characterization. 


Genres: Urban fantasy, horror, mystery, crime fiction, romance, women’s fiction. Will consider other genres, but a conversation will be needed to determine whether the project is an appropriate fit.  

Set up a free 15 minute chat with Jaye to see if she's a good fit for your needs. 

Editing and Mentorship Client Testimonials

"This was my first attempt at writing a novel and Jaye's development edit was tremendously helpful. She really dove into my manuscript, providing substantive feedback both on big picture considerations (character development, plot structure) as well as inline notes throughout. Her passion  for coaching new writers was evident and I appreciated her enthusiasm for my book as well as her constructive guidance. I definitely got my money's worth and more." -Erika 

"With Jaye’s encouragement chapters flew out. Yeah, there were deadlines and all that; however, they were a pleasure to meet. Let me say that again, I looked forward to them. But what was best: her ability to understand. She got what I meant and she saw the potential. She coaxed the best I had at the time and helped me understand how to make it better on the next go-round." -Robin 

"Writing is hard.  Jaye makes it easier! She mentored me throughout the development of my first novel. I would not be where I am today without her guidance and tough love. She supports each writer’s unique process and helps them learn to use it to their benefit rather than trying to mold it into something else. If you’re trying to hone your craft or simply need help getting started, I highly recommend Jaye Wells!” -Dana 

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Developmental Editing Services 

The Beta

  • Developmental Edit of the 50 pages of your manuscript 

  • Detailed feedback email with strengths and areas of improvement 

  • 30 minute call to discuss all of the above 


The Alpha

  • Developmental edit of your entire manuscript (or a portion), which includes detailed comments and marks within the manuscript

  • In-depth feedback on story, characters, world, and word craft. Includes notes on effectiveness of word choice, sentence structure and literary devices, as well as pointing out areas of weakness, e.g. writing tics

  • One-hour call to discuss plans for revision

  • This option is great for writers who need more in-depth help with craft and need more guidance in improving their work and addressing writing tics. 

  • Note: This is not a copy editing or proofreading package. Developmental editing addresses big picture issues such as story structure and characterization. Obvious errors of grammar and typos will be noted, but these edits should not be relied on in lieu of a professional copy edit. 

Bespoke Mentorship Package: 

Need help brainstorming solutions to your story? Got a thorny career issue that could use a seasoned ear? Want to level up your craft but not sure where to begin? 

We can set up a personalized mentorship based on your individual needs and concerns. This can range from an hour-long phone call to a  mentorship for an entire project. 

Reach out to Jaye now to set up a 15 minute phone call to talk about your unique needs. 

Looking for something different? Try the Write with Jaye subscription--24 hours a month of community and accountability for a fraction of the price of private mentoring. Learn more here. 
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