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Anthologies, short stories and non-fiction projects of interest. 

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Featuring Jaye's story: "The Copper Lady" 

This all-female anthology brings together the talents of twenty-five female authors, newcomer and veteran writers alike, who explore the role of color in horror and deliver stories that use color in creative, unconventional, and unnerving ways. Featuring stories by: Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito; Jo Kaplan; Sonora Taylor; Ali Seay; Chelsea Pumpkins; Pippa Bailey; Jess Koch; G.G. Silverman; EV Knight; Kathryn E. McGee; Bindia Persaud; Jaye Wells; Lauren C. Teffeau; Geneve Flynn; Red Lagoe; KC Grifant; Christa Wojciechowski; Christine Makepeace; K.P. Kulski; Jacqueline West; Lillah Lawson; Tiffany Morris; J.B. Lamping; Jeanne E. Bush; Nu Yang.

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The Uncanny  Collection: Short Stories
The Werewife
One week after she is bitten by the dog-faced boy at a traveling carnival, a mild-mannered housewife gets a sudden, unrelenting craving for raw meat. She doesn’t remember eating the cat or running naked through the park under the full moon, but her husband’s getting strange calls from concerned neighbors. When he takes her back to the carnival to find a cure, it’ll either get better…or a whole lot worse.
The Bluest Hour
A journalist travels to New Orleans to track down the mysterious “Soul Singers”–psychopomps who guide spirits into the afterlife. In this city known for music and death, a man can learn things he’s not ready to know.
The Deadline
An ambitious journalist opens an investigation into the decade’s old murder of a priest and a nun at a local Catholic college. She swears she’ll do anything to earn her big break, but the price could be her very soul.

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Nasty: Fetish Fights Back Anthology
Featuring Jaye's story "Aural Sex" 

A daring collection of erotic short fiction spanning sexualities, genders, orientations, positions, & proclivities. From fetish priests to breath restriction, bondage play to somnophilia, there's something in NASTY for everyone. With stories from New York Times Bestseller Selena Kitt, Shirley Jackson Winner Gemma Files, five-time Bram Stoker Award Winner Lucy A. Snyder, USA Today-bestseller Jaye Wells, and more,  this collection pushes the boundaries not only of steamy sex but of what defines us as sexual beings. 

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