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Writing Doesn't Need to Be Lonely

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Write with Jaye will help you meet your word count goals! 

In addition to three weekly write-ins, you'll  get support, structure and accountability so you can get more stories written. Your muse will thank you for the help! 

When are the write-ins? 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am Central to 12pm Central 

Who is this for? 

Novelists, short story writers, poets, screenwriters, freelance writers, or anyone who would benefit from concentrated writing time to get their work done. 


Once you subscribe to the write-ins, you'll receive an email with the link to our private Zoom room. You'll also receive an invite to the exclusive Wells Writing Workshop Slack channel. Slack is where we chat about writing and life, and where we support each other and offer critiques or other advice. If you ever decide to unsubscribe from the write-ins, you'll still get access to the Slack channel for as long as it exists. 

Do yourself a favor and take some of the pain out of productivity. We look forward to writing with you! 

Subscribe Now! 
Three Month (5% discount)
Annual (10% Discount)

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What if I can’t make all the sessions?

  • No makeup sessions are available and nothing is recorded.

  • If you cancel your subscription mid-month, there will be no refund. You're agreeing to pay for an entire month when you subscribe. Exceptions will only be made if you change your mind in the first week you sign up and have come to no write-ins.

What if you can't make a session? 

  • If I can’t make one due to travel or health, I will always have a substitute to run the room.

Will there be coaching included in the writing room? 

  • While formal coaching and mentoring is a separate service I provide, there is often chat in the write-ins where participants can ask questions or seek guidance. Should someone need more than a quick answer, I'll urge them to schedule a separate call. 

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